Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Our physio clinic in New Westminster offers one-on-one Active Rehab in our fully stocked private gym for those who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident/MVA.  Active Rehabilitation or Exercise Therapy is a method of rehabilitation that involves one-on-one training with a physiotherapist or kinesiologist with the goal of increasing strength and flexibility and functionality. The rehabilitative exercises are tailored to you and focus on improving self-sufficiency and client independence. Guided by a thorough initial injury assessment, the therapist will develop a personal exercise program for your condition with these elements:

  • Static and dynamic range of motion exercises incorporating muscle energy techniques with the goal of increasing flexibility
  • Postural education and training via muscle-imbalance correction and ergonomic recommendations
  • Core stability training
  • General strength and conditioning
  • Sensorimotor training
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Pain management strategies
  • Relaxation techniques

This progressive exercise program takes place in our new modern gym surrounded by windows. With all the natural lighting, you will feel very comfortable and relaxed in this open-setting. This program is conducted by a physiotherapist who is also a trained kinesiologist, or a kinesiologist with a physiotherapist available for additional guidance and assistance. For your convenience, early morning and afternoon appointments are available.

Our facility is equipped with state of the art equipment that makes for an enjoyable and innovative rehabilitation session. Such equipment includes Thera-bands, balance boards, exercise balls, BOSU balance trainers, an adjustable pulley/cable machine, full and half foam rolls, steps, free-weights, a multi-station, a body blade, medicine balls, a squat rack, an elliptical trainer, a treadmill and a spin-bike.

Sessions are an hour long, but Graduated Return to Work (GRTW) Programs can also be arranged. Focusing on the return to work, the exercise program includes work-simulation tasks to help re-establish the tolerance and stamina required by the busy worksite. These programs typically run for four weeks with a gradual increase in workload, promoting a steady and safe progression toward gainful employment.

The goal of the Active Rehabilitation Program at New Westminster Square Orthopaedic and Sports Centre Inc. is to bring you to your highest reasonable level of self-sufficiency and independence.  For more information about the Active Rehab services we offer at our physio clinic in New Westminster call 604-524-4446.