Clinical Counselling

Clinical Counselling is provided by Maggie Callander, RTC

royal-city-physiotherapy-27The counselling office is set up to be a safe haven, a sanctuary, where someone can feel comfortable, safe, appreciated, accepted and listened to, and where a relationship can be built and nurtured. Once rapport is established, through genuine empathy, sensitivity and active listening, the therapeutic relationship can begin. We believe in our ability to make a difference, and in our client’s ability to change and move towards healthy relationships and behaviors. We believe in a relationship of collaboration which is built upon cooperation, mutual respect, trust, optimism and goal-setting. The relationship is an all important factor in facilitating change and we believe in our ability to stimulate and encourage such change.

We preserve the precious bond of confidentiality and never take the counselling role for granted or our responsibility lightly. Our counselling services draw upon several therapeutic modalities in order to take in to consideration the uniqueness and needs of the whole person. While our foundational theory and approach is Adlerian, we do, however, believe in the integrative nature of several counselling approaches. Our ultimate goal is to have clients feel valued, learn appropriate ways to express their feelings, decrease discouragement and learn problem solving skills according to their goals towards wholeness. Other counselling approaches used are Solution Focused Brief Counselling (SFBC), Cognitive and Cognitive-behavioral approaches, Social Learning, Family systems, Behavior modification, talk therapy, deep listening and Bibliotherapy.

Many people who seek physiotherapy have experienced an interuption in their day to day functioning, through an injury or having to cope with pain. It is often the case that this disruption in one’s life can lead to anxiety, depression, uncertainty of the future and fear. Seeing a counsellor, can greatly help someone cope, restore hope and move toward wellness.