Triathlon Training in New Westminster

Triathlon Training in New Westminster

Training Programs For Olympic, Half or full Ironman distance triathlons

If you are looking for Triathlon training in New Westminster, Rick Tkach is the coach for you!  Rick is the expert in Ironman, Olympic distance & short course triathlons.These are flexible, personalized training programs tailored to fit your ability and your lifestyle.

Training programs include:

  • Fitness test and follow-up
  • Strength training program
  • Daily, weekly and monthly training plan
  • Daily short and long term goals
  • Racing advice
  • Injury prevention and rehab advice

With Rick as your coach you will benefit from the expertise of one who not only has the knowledge to assist you to your PB, but also has many years of experience himself. Rick has been competing in triathlons since 1983. He has completed over 100 triathlons, including Olympic and Half Ironman, as well as 14 Ironman triathlons including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. In 1988 Rick earned a 9th overall placing in Ironman Canada.

Rick has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 22 years and is able to give expert advice on injury prevention and rehab. Rick is massage therapist to the Canadian Wrestling Team and travelled with the team to the Olympics in Athens and Beijing, as well as to the Commonwealth games in India.

For more information or to book a consultation with Rick, please call our clinic at 604-524-4446.

Rick – you are an invaluable source of wisdom and knowledge. The massage therapy and active release technique sessions have been instrumental in keeping my body healthy to do all the training and racing I’ve completed over the last 8 years. You not only work on my sore muscles, but you identify the root cause and give me exercises to try and resolve the issues. Without you, I would not have been able to successfully complete 6 marathons and transition into triathlons. Thank-you!!

Shelly Scott

When I decided that I wanted to follow through on my desire to compete in an Ironman distance triathlon I sought Rick’s assistance. He had coached friends of mine to Ironman success and I was grateful that he was willing to take me on as an athlete. Rick coached me through the two years of preparation to get me to the start line in Penticton in optimal condition. Anyone who has done the volume of training involved in preparation for an Ironman knows that it can be a delicate balance of getting the most out of your body without over doing it and ending up injured. Its commonly accepted that even though crossing the finish line at an Ironman is a great achievement, arriving at the start-line, injury free and totally prepared is the greater accomplishment – it’s indicative of a lot of hard work properly executed.

Rick’s experience in racing Ironman triathlon, knowledge of triathlon training and expertise in human physiology made him the most integral ingredient of the recipe for my triathlon success.

Rick was intuitive; he could see what was going on with me better than I could myself. He held me back when I was tempted to do too much and encouraged me when I was going through “dark moments” in the training. Although the execution of the plan was all me, the achievement belongs to the both of us – I would not have had the same measure of success without him.

Will McKechnie

I have a great appreciation for the knowledge Rick Tkach has shared with me during my first few years as an endurance athlete in training smart and healthy .

Rick has helped me to the start line of a couple of Ironman races as well as many other races all the while keeping me injury free with some great deep tissue massage . Just when I have thought my injuries were going to be season ending type injuries , Rick would always seem to get me back on my feet !

Thanks Rick for your help and support over the years.

Roman Dujmovic