Christine (Happy devoted customer)

My name is Christine. I’m a patient at Royal City Manual Therapy and have been one for going on two years now. I’ve been coming there for massage therapy lately, but I’ve also done physio in the past and can’t say enough good things about all your staff there. I am so pleased with the service that’s provided to me on each visit, from the time I walk into the door, getting greeted by your happy cheerful staff and how they all are so willing to help me and accommodate my needs. It makes me feel so comfortable.

Back in the middle of 2017 I had had a couple injuries at work that led me to take some time off to heal, that’s when I started seeing Davina (RMT) she became a very important part of my life and my recovery to help me heal and be able to function daily. Even though I was in extreme amounts of pain some days she was very calm and understanding and patient and offered great ideas and tips on how to release the stress that was building up in my back and my neck, the tension was quite bad everything was so tight.

Davina always offered suggestions and exercises to do at home, suggested different ways, different therapies to try to manage the pain and deal with things going forward. Davina always put a 100 percent in on every visit and I looked forward to seeing her every time and still do.

Honestly since starting massage therapy I really don’t think I’d be able to manage daily without it, especially in the job that I have which is a Resident Care Aide, which is very demanding both physically and mentally.

I was very nervous when I first came to the clinic wondering if I’d be able to go as often as I needed to and to be able to do the physio and the massage therapy? I also seen a chiropractor at your clinic there and my experience has been nothing but good since I’ve come there and divina’s been a huge help in making me feel so comfortable and so relaxed after every visit.

Having a place to go where you feel welcome and comfortable and have someone help you deal and manage your pain means a lot to me because it helps me get through each day.

Massage therapies become a big part of my life and I’m very glad to have met Davina. She has really helped me and has a lot of knowledge of her job, so patient and kind and understanding and she’s more than willing to help me out with anything I need. I look forward to seeing her every visit.

I just wanted you to know that you have some wonderful staff working at your location, and I’m very happy to have Davina as my massage therapist, she’s really helped me and it makes a difference.

Ruky Abdulai, Olympic Long-Jumper, Beijing 2010

There have been lots of challenges regarding injuries since I became a professional athlete, but I could always depend on Rick at all times. Rick is not only a world class massage therapist, he is also an amazing person. He makes me feel comfortable throughout treatments. I like his idea of giving out candies before treatments, because it helps me not to focus on the pain. It helps! Rick has played a huge part in my athletics career. I am so grateful to have Rick as part of my preparation towards the 2011 World Championships and 2012 Olympics in London. Rick has made a massive difference in my life and I’m truly grateful to have him on my team.

Rebecca Johnstone

Royal City Health & Manual Therapy is a very supportive environment where they take a keen and personal interest in your success. I have been working consistently with Rick for almost 9 years. In this time I have learned a lot about recovery techniques and strengthening advice to help me become a better runner. As a high performance track and field athlete I have confidence in Rick’s ability to get race ready and to help me recover from the training demands of my sport. My muscles respond very well to Rick’s sports massage therapy style and I would not be able to recover as well without these treatments.

Julia Howard

I have been receiving massage treatments at Royal City Health & Manual Therapy for the past 7 years, basically for as long as I have been a nationally ranked middle distance runner. Consistent massage therapy treatments from Rick are a staple in my training program primarily for the prevention of injuries and for the reduction of recovery time from workouts and competitions. Rick knows exactly the right amount of pressure to apply during treatments for whatever is ailing me on that particular day and I am always confident that I will feel so much better and be on the route towards faster times after I am finished my appointment. In all my years in my sport, I have not found a more effective nor a more personable therapist! Also, I appreciate the clinic’s responsiveness in fitting me in for appointments, since I have a pretty erratic schedule as well as the staff’s friendliness on a day to day basis- overall a great place to receive treatment!

Martine Dugrenier

The massage therapist was the key to success and was added to the team this year. Having so many matches in a short period of time, it is essential to have somebody qualified like Rick to get us ready between matches. Rick did an excellent job and again he also acted very professionally to suit each athlete’s need.

Coleen B

I have been a client of Royal City Health & Manual Therapy for over 10 years. I am thrilled to recommend their services to family and friends. I have always been impressed with the professional attitude and personal approach exhibited by the people I’ve encountered during my visits. Over the years I have been treated by over 7 massage therapists and physiotherapists and each individual has demonstrated an awareness of my history and current needs. I am engaged in discussion as to what currently needs to be addressed, consulted throughout the process, and advised to what exercises and stretches would be beneficial to support the treatment provided. I am treated like family by Jeanie, Rick and the rest of the staff at the clinic. I leave my sessions feeling great and I know they have a genuine interest in my well-being.

Cynthia L

My experiences with Royal City Health & Manual Therapy have been very positive. The front staff are friendly, professional and accommodating with the busy work schedules of their clients. Tracy, my physiotherapist, is reliable, efficient and effective. She quickly worked to relieve my pain and discomfort, and advised on exercises and practices to maintain the progress of my improvement. The relaxed atmosphere is welcoming and promotes a positive partnership between the staff and their clients. I would recommend others to the experts at New Westminster Square.

Edmund Jor

It’s the utmost care & effort of everybody from Royal City Health & Manual Therapy that keep my body together in one piece.

Without everyone from the clinic, I wouldn’t have been able to race 2000 miles in 15 years. Jeanie, Rick, Terri, Jody, Frances, Randi, Micheline, Louise, Scott, Jon, and Raminder.

Last of all, I am always impressed by the warm welcome I receive when I walk into the clinic, especially these days the team led by Joniel and Thess.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Mike C

Falls usually occur when least expected and always end suddenly. It was the abrupt stop that did me in when I was hiking on a familiar trail and stumbled on a tree root. Although I was able to ease my impact into the ground with my arms, my shoulders suffered greatly. During subsequent weeks, every medical professional who examined me stated that I was the first patient they had seen with both rotator cuffs torn at the same time.

Four weeks later, with little improvement in my shoulders, which were both damaged equally, my doctor suggested a program of physiotherapy. I made an appointment with Royal City Health & Manual Therapy and was pleased with their program from the outset. A combination of weekly workouts at their centre and exercises which I was assigned to do at home on a daily basis, seemed to result in slow but steady improvement.

Now, after four months of progressive exercises, I have regained nearly full motion in my arms and much of their former strength. I believe a full recovery is in my not too distant future.

Neva G

After my MVA I was in pain and unable to function as per my normal everyday activities. Rick Tkach’s magic hands and expertise made the difference in my treatment. In two treatments the pain was gone! His passion and dedication to his craft becomes evident in the quick recovery his patients experience.