Active Rehabilitation

Heal Faster from Your MVA Injuries with Active Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

When your MVA injuries have been identified and treated, the next step towards recovery and returning to work and your busy life is our active rehabilitation program.  Our active rehabilitation program is prepared and conducted by our physiotherapists who are also kinesiologists, and is the progression from the physical therapy treatment sessions.   

The program’s sessions take place 2 times per week for 12 sessions, depending on the needs and severity of each case.

The goals of our active rehabilitation program include:

  • Get Back To Your Life Faster

By taking a proactive approach towards your rehabilitation, your progress and recovery time will speed up significantly. This will help you get back to work, as well as your active daily living and enjoyment of life more quickly.

  • Knowledge that Will Help You Help Yourself

In addition to helping you with your recovery, our active rehabilitation program will provide you with valuable knowledge of the best exercises that you can use at home or at the gym to ensure your progress continues.  We encourage our clients to adapt and incorporate the exercises our staff will teach as a resource in everyday life.

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