Shockwave Therapy

You may also see shockwave therapy referred to as “extracorporeal shockwave therapy,” or ESWT. This simply means that the treatment is performed on the outside of the body.

The treatment works by delivering targeted, high-energy shockwaves to bodily tissues in order to speed the recovery of injured tissues and help to alleviate chronic inflammation or repetitive motion injuries such as tennis elbow and jumper’s knee.

Benefits include

  • Non surgical treatment,
  • No side effects
  • accelerates healing.

Shockwave therapy is generally done in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatments, and it can also help to lessen the severity of chronic pain and increase the overall range of motion in injured areas of the body.

This treatment is well-tolerated, and it has been thoroughly researched over the past decade. It is especially popular among athletes because it has no side effects or downtime since it is nonsurgical.


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